Hello! I’m Back!

Hello Everyone!

I'm back! If you didn't know, I went back to Thailand for a 2.5-week visit. It was a good decision to put my blog on a mini break because when I was there, I did not have time to log on to the internet at all! Sometimes I'd have only 5-10 minutes to respond to important email and that's about it. If you have emailed me, messaged me through facebook/twitter/instagram, or left comments on my blog, reassured that I will get back to you within the next couple of days! :)

It is so nice to spend every single second with my family. I didn't have time to worry about work, my blog, my phone, internet, etc. All I did was just enjoy the many places visited, the great food (oh those fresh-from-the-sea seafood!), the super warm superheated (!) weather (I wore shorts or a dress most days!), and the great company of my family and friends (I visited with my old friends in Bangkok one night and I don't think I have ever laughed so much and so loud in my life!).

I spent only a couple of days in Bangkok, a few days in Hua-Hin and the rest in Pattaya. I wish I had more time to travel further into the south for the “real” beaches but it's okay, I'll save that for the next time.

Makeup shopping

Makeup shopping - Thailand Trip 2014
Makeup shopping – Thailand Trip 2014

Before I went, I planned to buy so much makeup in Thailand but as it turned out, I just did not have time! I was only able to grab a few items here and there (shown above) when I was picking up snacks from Watsons, 7-Eleven, Tesco Lotus, and Tops. I did not have time to visit makeup counters and stores as originally planned. Save for the Tom Ford lipstick in 23 Bare Peach (Asia-exclusive shade) that I purposely made a special quick visit to Siam Paragon to pick it up. I wanted to pick up 21 Naked Coral as well but it was out of stock! *sad face* My last hope was to stop at the airport's duty-free shop but my hope was crushed that morning when I woke up late and almost couldn't make it to the gate in time! Forget about the duty-free shop, I need to get my butt on that plane first! Ha ha! So, yeah, makeup shopping just wasn't meant to be on this trip! :(

If you're curious, I bought:

  1. Bioré Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip
  2. Bioré My Melody Perfect Cleaning Oil
  3. Bioré UV Perfect Milk SPF 50+ PA+++
  4. Bioré UV Bright Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++
  5. Maybelline Baby Lips Color in Pink Peony
  6. Maybelline BoldMatte Lipstick in Mat7
  7. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24H Coloring Mascara in Dark Brown, Yellow Brown, and Rusty Brown
  8. Utip Sniffkiss Lip & Cheek stain
  9. CandyDoll Liquid Foundation in 02
  10. Tom Ford Lip Color in 23 Bare Peach
  11. Cathy Doll Pretty Volume Mascara
  12. Fairy Drops Mascara
  13. Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue
  14. In2it Waterproof Gel Liner in Dark Brown

Mostly everyday stuff, nothing fancy! :)

I also bought a whole bunch of hair accessories and stationery (I ♥ B2S!). I also stopped at the Sanrio section at Central and bought a set of 3-Hello Kitty Pouches! But of all the makeup and cutesy things I bought, my most favorite item purchased is the Paul Frank zip-top pouch!

Paul Frank zip-top pouch
Paul Frank zip-top pouch

This thing is über soft!! I've been looking for a pouch this style to carry all my miscellaneous stuff to work and this one is perfect! You can  put so much stuff in it and still save a lot of space in your bag because of it's flat shape. In the picture below I put all makeup that I purchased from the trip in it and you can see, there is still more room to put more stuff! LOL!

Paul Frank zip-top pouch
Paul Frank zip-top pouch
Paul Frank zip-top pouch
Paul Frank zip-top pouch
Paul Frank zip-top pouch
Paul Frank zip-top pouch
Paul Frank zip-top pouch
Paul Frank zip-top pouch
Paul Frank zip-top pouch
Paul Frank zip-top pouch – look at all the cute mini little stars :)

I will try to get all my photos from the trip together very soon. I would like to show you some but I don't know if you'd be interested in seeing them? LOL. I'm still suffering from the great jet lag right now. In the meantime, I'm  also trying to get into the hang of things again. It's weird how you could forget some of your mundane routines in just 17 days! I haven't yet finished unpacking, either, but I wanted to log on to update you guys that I'm back. I may not be able to post often in the coming weeks but as things get settled down again, I'll post more often!

Raise your hand if you've missed me/hellojaa! :D



  • I was one of those that texted you. Guess I wasn’t that important to get a text back lol

    Glad you are back and can’t wait to hear more!!

    • Did you text me on my phone? I didn’t bring my phone to Thailand. I was using a different phone with a Thai number when I was there! Sorry!

  • soooooooooo sad i didn’t have a chance to meet you up ;[

    miss ur blog post soooo much i love the maybeline bold mat 7

    biore sunscreen are good but becareful about sweating they’ll melt off ur face

    • Me too! Well, now I know that you are in Pattaya, I’ll definitely give you a call the next time I’m there!

      Thanks for the warning about the sunscreen! I’ll keep that in mind! :)

        • So far so good! I actually bought it because of the packaging haha! Let me use it for a couple of weeks or so and I’ll report back to you!

  • It felt like you were gone for so long! I can’t wait until you get back to posting reviews, I really enjoy them so much!

    • I also feel like I was gone more than a few weeks haha! Weird! I can’t wait to get back to posting regularly! Thank you for always reading! HUGS!!! <3

  • Welcome back Jaa. Definitely missing reading your blog! I am going to HK and Singapore this year. Can you or anyone else recommend some make up things that are Asia exclusive? Thanks x

    • I don’t know a whole lot what are! I only know the three shades of Tom Ford lipstick that are Asia-exclusive (Naked Coral, Forbidden Pink, and Bare Peach).

      I suggest you visit theraeviewer.com – she has extensive knowledge of Asian cosmetics (luxury lines especially). In fact, she has a few excellent blog posts dedicated to Asia-exclusive pieces (including those in duty-free shop)!

  • YAY! *happy dance* you are back! :D This space was so bland without you Jaa! Now my eyes can feast on your lovely pics! :-)

  • YAY! JAA is BACK! So happy! You were definitely missed, love! I’m glad you had a wonderful time and didn’t worry about the internets during your vacation. That’s a VACATION! I am super jealous that Biore makes Hello Kitty emblazoned items in Thailand! I wants! So cute. Can’t wait to see your trip pictures and hear more about your journey. Much love and welcome back!

    • Thank you, Kristen!!! It was really nice to be internet-less and phone-less! Even for a few weeks! Now I’m back to checking my phone every 5 sec haha!!

      I missed you and your blog SO much!!!

  • Welcome back! Yes, your presence was definitely missed over the last couple of weeks, but I’m so glad you had a chance to enjoy vacation without working on the blog. It’s so nice to be able to disengage while on vacation. I’d be interested to see pictures from your trip.

    I’ve been window shopping for a macro lens for many months, and I finally purchased a 100mm macro lens, partially based on something you mentioned months ago, but also based on a lot of internet research. It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Now I just need some of your photography skills to go along with it!

    • Hi Nicole!

      Congratulations on getting the 100mm macro lens!! You won’t be disappointed!!! I can’t wait to see some of the photos you’ll be taking with it. Please share! :D

      If I may, my advice would be to not expect to get that perfect shots right from the beginning! It took me months before I am familiar with it and able to take some decent photos. I was also very new to the whole DSLR camera thing when I started, so it really took me a long time to get used to the equipment! :)

      Practice, practice, practice!! :D

  • Welcome baaaaack! :-D I wanted to respond to this post sooner, but I was away myself, LOL. Super excited to see all your makeup loot, and I’m so glad that you had a wonderful time!

    Alos, Paul Frank stuff = WIN. :-D

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