Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection Review & Swatches

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I haven't been this excited about an eyeliner set for a while. Throughout the years I have accumulated quite a collection from so many different brands. I pretty much have all the colors I can ever think of (or almost) except for one brand that I have been wanting to collect more colors from but have been hesitant because of the $25 price tag — Marc Jacobs! If you feel the same, I have good news for you! The brand recently released a limited-edition set that includes 7 mini eyeliners for a price of less than 2 full-sized ones! Now this, is what I call a great holiday gift set!

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection features 7 Highliner Gel Eye Crayons — 5 are colors from the permanent line and 2 are exclusive to this set. The crayons are miniature and super slim in size but they are still comfortable to hold and offer good control during application. They feature the same twist-up style as the full-sized version but lack a sharpener at the bottom end. They are retractable but try to twist up just enough for what you need to reduce the risk of breaking the product.

Also worth mentioning, too, is that in my set there is one color that the pencil came loosen inside the barrel and the whole “pencil lead” slid out as soon as I popped open the cap. It is still working alright but I just have to be careful twisting it up from now on.

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

The pencils are housed in a lightweight, black lacquer box that unfortunately attracts fingerprints like a magnet! Inside you will find a beautiful display of all the colors in the set at once. The presentation is elegant and modern, just like you would expect from the line. The black insert is removable so you can reuse the box for storage. The top lid doesn't close tightly, though, so if you want to reuse the box for on-the-go purposes, you may need to secure it with a tape or rubber band to keep the lid from opening.

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

Color selection

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

From left to right: O(vert), Brown(out), Sunset, Midnight in Paris, Th(ink), (Plum)age, and Blacquer.

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection; L-R: O(vert), Brown(out), Sunset, Midnight in Paris, Th(ink), (Plum)age, and Blacquer

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection;
L-R: O(vert), Brown(out), Sunset, Midnight in Paris, Th(ink), (Plum)age, and Blacquer

Another reason I love this set so much: the colors are all jewel-toned (well, except the black shade)! I find myself gravitating towards this color family the most when I do my eye makeup. They are colorful but muted and wearable at the same time, and they enhance brown eyes really nicely. :D

  1. O(vert) – dark khaki green
  2. Brown(out) – dark bronze brown
  3. Sunset (exclusive) – golden bronze
  4. Midnight in Paris (exclusive) – inky indigo blue
  5. Th(ink) – deep navy
  6. (Plum)age – vivid purple
  7. Blacquer – black

All shades have shimmery and shiny finish except Blacquer which is a simple matte black. The shimmer in the formula does not feel gritty in any way. In fact, I don't feel anything at all during application on my lids. There is not a single shade in this set that I would not wear on a regular basis! Even Sunset, which adds a fun and playful twist to brighten up any eye look when lined along the center of the lower lash line.

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

Formula-wise, my thoughts still remain the same after I published my review on Blacquer and Th(ink) more than a year ago. These pencils glide on smoothly without dragging or pulling the skin. They are also richly pigmented and you do get a complete coverage in one pass. Except for (Plum)age where you may have to layer a couple of times due to its thinner consistency.

The creaminess and rich pigments make these pencils superior than most eyeliners. They are creamy but not too creamy so you can easily draw a smooth line along the shape of your eye in one long stroke. The rich pigments lay down and adhere to the skin almost immediately so if you wish to smudge, you may want to do so as quickly as you can.

But being creamy has its cons — these pencils become dull quickly. And the fact that you can't sharpen it to a pointed tip makes it almost impossible to create a sharp winged-liner look, unless you follow with a detail eyeliner brush. Not a deal-breaker to me by any means obviously, but it's something worth considering if winged liner is your signature look.

On me, none of the colors smudges or budges, even when I use them to tightline, yes, even the matte black Blacquer shade stays put! I'm so glad these pencils stay on so well on me as I have read some reviews where they report smudging problem with Blacquer. The formula is waterproof and quite difficult to remove so you will need a dual-phase eye makeup remover to completely take them off.

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

Marc Jacobs Sky Liner 7-Piece Petites High Liner Collection

I think this set is such a good deal and will make a perfect gift for someone who loves doing eye makeup. It is also a good set for those who have not tried Marc Jacobs eyeliners before or those simply looking to collect and/or experiment with a variety of shades. I am so glad I was able to pick one up in time before it went out of stock on Sephora. You can sign up for an email alert when it comes back in stock on their website but if you can't wait, the set is still available on the brand's official website (link below).

Do you like jewel-toned eyeliners? What formula do you prefer when it comes to lining your lids?

BUY ▶ US$45 | SephoraAmazon ○ Marc Jacobs // Thailand | Sephora

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  • Erin says:

    I’d wear them all short of the green I think. It might pull too warm on me.

  • This would make a beautiful gift!

  • Sunny says:

    Hey Jaa, GIMME ALL THE MINIS!!! I really can’t accumulate more pencil liners, because most of the time I only use them on my lower lash line, and I don’t think I’ve even finished a single mini! It’s a lovely set though! I’ve heard great things about the formula in general. Glad to hear they really stay put!

    • Jaa says:

      Haha let’s swap! Gimme one of your minis and I’ll give you one of mine! Hehe <3 Shouldn't you be in bed right now, Sunny? What are you doing up so late?!

      • Sunny says:

        Well… I started doing my photos too late (and I had an ambotious list of stuff to photograph), so I’m still writing the dang post LOL

  • Rachelle Yeo says:

    I’m really fond of gel eye pencils like this, twisted up! Very convenient and I don’t have to sharpen (I hate sharpening.)

    LOVE these colours O(vert), Brown(out) & Sunset! I think I might get the Blacquer for tightlining since I’m out of pencils for that sole purpose.

  • It would make a perfect gift from me to me! ;-)
    Lovely shades, since I haven’t tried these eye shadows, would be something to check out. I wished we had MJ here in Germany.

  • krithi says:

    I definitely want this set ,its so pretty :)

  • Dee says:

    Looked at this SO many times in SO many spehoras and passed lol. All the colours were dupeable by other pencils I already had and the “cannot sharpen” thingy annoyed me. I dont like when they just become round nubs lol The colours *are* gorgeous tho ( as are your photos Mssss ) :)

  • I love these liners!
    p.s I just found your blog and I am obsessed!

  • Liz says:

    This is a beautiful set but luckily I’m not a big eyeliner person. Just give me one black pencil liner that doesn’t smudge and I’m good all year. :) I did try swatching these in store though and they seem quite excellent all around!

    • Jaa says:

      I’m the complete opposite! I love colored eyeliners so much! ^_^ It must save you a lot of time in the morning not having to decide which color to use. LOL.

  • Xuvious says:

    I love that the colours are dark and jewel toned as well, they’re much more easy to wear and versatile that way. I love the packaging too, a sleeker version of Clinique. :)

  • Laarni says:

    My heart goes to O(vert) and Sunset!!! I really, really love the idea of the minis! Affordable and convenient! No FOTD? :(

    • Jaa says:

      LOL no, no FOTD in this post unfortunately! But I’ll be wearing these liners in my future looks A LOT for sure! ;D

  • Alice says:

    Hey sweetie! I’m SOOOO getting this – if this is still in stock, lol. This is some serious eyeliner business – I caved. My boyfriend was sitting next to me whilst I read your post and he was literally BLOWN AWAY by your drop dead gorgeous pictures. He already recognises you just by seeing your pictures, haha. And with reasons! ;)

    X Alice

    • Jaa says:

      Oh you must, Alice! I know how much you (and I) love Marc Jacobs makeup so you definitely need this one!! Say thanks to your boyfriend for me! He sounds super sweet! My bf never sits next to me while I read beauty blogs. It probably bores him. LOL!

  • Sylirael says:

    I like Overt, Sunset and Midnight in Paris best! Haha, I’m so glad you got this and reviewed it, LOL! I really want it, but had to restrict myself on the loot, you know? Of course you know, you enabler, you! ROFL!

    Anyway, I’m slowly becoming convinced that I need to get myself a proper warm green eyeliner. I have a lot of cool ones/turquoises etc, but my closest to this is Stash at the moment. I love Stash, but it is distinctly gold/brown in tone. Aah, the complexities of coloured eyeliner… ;-)

    • Jaa says:

      It’s hard to come by a good warm green! O(vert) is really really beautiful in person and now one of my favorite green liners of all time! :) I’m definitely getting a full size when I’m finished!

  • Thanks so much for this review, Jaa! If this comes back in stock, I may consider buying it! Originally, I was going to skip b/c Blacquer doesn’t work well on me, and I already have Brown(Out) and Th(ink). But, after your review, I’m really thinking of reconsidering! :)

    • Jaa says:

      I also already have 3 of the same shades you mentioned but since Blacquer doesn’t smudge on me, the set was an easier purchase in my case. I understand your hesitation, though! I’d be, too!

  • GlossBerry says:

    this is porn! good job


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