Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub Review & Swatches

Another review today of Bite Beauty product! After being completely obsessed with the Agave Lip Mask, I thought I'd try some of their other lip products, too. I found their Fruit Scrub Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub to be appealing in color (pink, ahem), texture, and scent (it smells crazy good!) but is there anything beyond being aesthetically pleasing about it? Let's find out!

Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub
Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub
Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub
Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub

The scrub is housed in a frosted jar with a (heavy) screw top. The scrub itself has a very unique texture, it's unlike any scrub I've tried before. I would describe it as a lightweight mousse with a “whipped” feel. It's really creamy, and really gentle.

The cherry-flavored scent, seriously, it smells so good I can just sniff it all day. :D And even though it is made of food-grade ingredients, meaning you'll have nothing to worry about if you accidentally ingest it, I still wouldn't advise you to eat it! Because it doesn't taste as good as it smells (yup, I tasted it! ^_^).

Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub
Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub
Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub
Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub

The scrub is full of antioxidant Resveratrol and Vitamin C to fight free radicals and brighten lips with continued use. It also contains rice bran as an exfoliant. Sounds good, right. But here's the thing. If you are used to or enjoy the texture of Fresh Sugar Lip Polish or Sara Happ Lip Exfoliator, I'm afraid you'll be sorely disappointed with the Bite version. The beads of the Bite version are really soft and smooth, and they are therefore a lot less abrasive than those that contain sugar as an exfoliant. There are fewer beads in the product as well.

If you find most lip scrubs to be too harsh for your lips, or if you have sensitive lips, I can see this being an excellent option for you. It still gets the job done but without the “scratching” feeling. It is definitely the most gentle lip scrub I've tried thus far.

However, if you are like me, who enjoy scrubbing away those pesky dead skin cells, you may find the Bite version a little too gentle. I don't find that it does much in terms of exfoliating, but it definitely does something because my lips do in fact feel supple and moisturized afterwards.

So when I use this, I use a soft tooth brush instead of my finger to assist the scrubbing process. I suppose you can also add a little bit of sugar to the scrub and sort of making your own version of it to make it a bit more grainy, but that also means another step you have to do. But hey, if you really enjoy the scent and texture, I'm sure this is just another small step to do! :)

I also find that it can get a little tricky trying to get all the bits off. The product tends to get a little sticky and doesn't want to come off even when I wash my mouth afterwards. I always see small pieces here and there still stuck on my hand and face. It does leave lips feeling slightly waxy afterwards if you remove it with tissue, so it's great to wear it to bed to keep lips conditioned overnight. But for me, I always wash if off with water, pat dry, and follow with a thick lip balm.

Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub
Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub

I think that it's a good product for those who prefer a gentler and less gritty version of lip scrub. Or if you like to exfoliate every night but find your scrub to be too abrasive to do so. I've been alternating it with my Sara Happ Lip Exfoliator and I find the two working together exceptionally well. Whether it helps brightening my lips over time remains to be seen as I've been using it for only a couple of weeks and it's still too early to tell.

Do you exfoliate your lips on a daily basis? Do you buy your lip scrub or use a DIY version?


US$18 at Sephora




  • Hey Jaa, I don’t know if it’s a good time to admit I almost never scrub my lips! The thing is I always put on a thick layer of lip balm before bedtime. Some dead skin comes off when I wipe it off in the morning, and my lips are usually smooth enough for me!

    If I were to use a lip scrub, I think I might prefer something like this. I’ve tried a homemade scrub with sugar and vaseline, and that’s a bit too scrubby for me. I’m thinking Sara Happ and Fresh will be about the same.

    • I’ve only started scrubbing my lips as of last year and I’ve been hooked! Something satisfying about it, LOL! The Sara Happ and Fresh are definitely very scrubby compared to the Bite one (which is not very scrubby at all). Can you get Bite products in Belgium?

      • Nope! We don’t have access to Fresh, either! I can find Sara Happ online, but since I don’t scrub my lips I’m not too sure what else they have to offer ;)

  • I exfoliate my lips every few nights, but if I had something that wasn’t as abrasive, I might incorporate it into my routine each night. I am a huge fan of the Lush lip scrub, so I really appreciate you drawing comparisons between the two (never tried the Sara Happ but it’s on my to do list, lol). I think I’m still going to try this and see if a more frequent, yet less abrasive scrub works better for my lips! I feel like a scientist, and I like it! ;) Maybe I’ll pick this up during the Sephora VIB Rouge 15% sale starting 3/31! Are you a Rougette? :)

    • I’ve never tried Lush, Kristen! But I’ve heard so much good things about their lip scrub. It’s on my “to try” list for sure! I think you’ll really enjoy using the Bite one on a nightly basis as it is very gentle on the lips. And yes, I’m a Rouge member, you are too, right? You have to be, lol!

      • Oh lord, the Bubblegum Lip Scrub…AMAZING!!!! I think I’m on pot #4?! They also have the most fun bath stuff but unless you have a soaker tub, taking a bath isn’t the most enjoyable thing (to me)! if I had a tub where all of my extremities could be submerged simultaneously? I would have an absolute BUCKET of Lush bath goodies! And yes, I too am a Rouge. I wasn’t sure to be excited or horrified when I got my card, lol!

  • this looks really nice, and I’m tempted to try it for the scent (and taste, lol!)
    I use my toothbrush to exfoliate daily.. that was I can remember to exfoliate everyday too. And I apply good amounts of lip balm before and after exfoliation to keep the puckers soft :)

  • Ooh… I’ve been on the lookout for lip scrubs recently! This one sounds lovely, although sadly we can’t get this brand here in Middle Earth (as far as I know, anyway!). I think I might have to go the DIY route, but it’s nice to know the options out there!

    • Hi Sylirael! Too bad you don’t have access to Bite cosmetics. They actually have some really nice lip products! Hope it will be available in your country soon! :)

      Thank you for stopping by! <3

    • I bet you can get a sample at Sephora but…. how confident are you to use a product that comes in a jar that most likely everyone has put their finger in it. LOL.

      But it really does smell wonderful! :)

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