Bobbi Brown Art Stick Review & Swatches

It was only a matter of time before Bobbi Brown came out with her own version of jumbo lip pencils. And boy, didn't she make them so much bigger than everyone else's! She totally took “jumbo” lip pencils to the next level!

Bobbi Brown Art Sticks
Bobbi Brown Art Sticks
Bobbi Brown Art Sticks
Bobbi Brown Art Sticks

Bobbi Brown Art Sticks are fat, chubby, and tall! They are definitely chubbier and taller than all other lip pencils in my collection and I love it! It feels good in my hand, like I am holding something important. :D The tapered cap is really cute, too. But what's even cuter is, she includes a jumbo-sized sharpener with every pencil! No gimmicks of having to buy a separate sharpener. Yay!

There are 8 shades total. Shown above are Electric Pink (“bright coral pink”) and Dusty Pink (“muted rosy pink”). Electric Pink actually looks more like watermelon pink on my lips than coral and it's one of those “pop of color” shades that will brighten up your whole face in an instant. Dusty Pink is pretty much true to color. I just love how “soft pink” it is but not too soft that it washes me out. A true everyday pink that is perfect for any occasion. :)

Bobbi Brown Art Sticks
Bobbi Brown Art Sticks – enclosed sharpener
Bobbi Brown Art Sticks
Bobbi Brown Art Sticks

Touted as a multitasking two-in-one product, these Art Sticks act as a lip liner and lipstick. Unlike most jumbo lip pencils that offer a balmy feel, Art Sticks are a true lipstick and feel like a lipstick. They are just packaged in a wooden jumbo pencil form. The pointy tip is great for lining the edges of the lips with precision while the wide side is perfect for filling in color.

The pigmentation is rich; one pass is enough to cover the majority of my natural lip color, two passes and I'm all set. The formula is unscented and contains emollients and shea butter for easy glide and moisturized lips. They are creamy (and a tiny bit waxy) but still have enough resistance so that the color won't slide around during layering. I didn't experience any pulling/tugging or formula settling into lip lines at all. It truly feels like you are applying a really good quality and richly pigmented lipstick. :)

The finish is non-sticky, non-tacky creamy matte with subtle shine especially in the first hour post application. From my experience, the texture doesn't really dry down to a full matte, but more of a semi-matte slash satin. It wears comfortably for the first few hours but once the color starts to fade, I feel my lips then become just slightly drying (happens to both shades).

Electric Pink lasts perhaps an hour or two longer than Dusty Pink. Both of them do not stain lips and while the staying power isn't the greatest, they fade fairly gradually and evenly without leaving the dreaded ring of color. I like! :)

Bobbi Brown Art Sticks in Electric Pink (L) and Dusty Pink (R)
Bobbi Brown Art Sticks in Electric Pink (L) and Dusty Pink (R)
Bobbi Brown Art Sticks in Electric Pink (L) and Dusty Pink (R)
Bobbi Brown Art Sticks in Electric Pink (L) and Dusty Pink (R)
Wearing Bobbi Brown Art Sticks in Electric Pink
Wearing Bobbi Brown Art Sticks in Electric Pink
Wearing Bobbi Brown Art Sticks in Dusty Pink
Wearing Bobbi Brown Art Sticks in Dusty Pink

Besides these two, I really want to get Sunset Orange as well. It's a bright reddish orange color that is absolutely gorgeous! I'm just hoping that it will be back in stock at Sephora before the sale ends this Friday!

So, what do you think of Bobbi Brown's version of lip pencils? :D


US$26 at SephoraNordstromBobbi Brown

฿1,150 at Central



  • Bobbi is so kind to give the sharpener in every purchase of the pencil

    instead of buying it separate . i saw the swatches of Sunset Orange and it looks stunning !

    i just recently fall in love with your amazing blog ! totally inspired!

    • Aww.. thank you so much!!! What’s your name ka? :) I’m Jaa na. Nice to meet you ka! :D

      I agree, Sunset Orange looks stunning! I swatched it in store but for some reason I didn’t buy it and now I want it! Haha.

      Do you have a blog mai? Let’s be blog friends!!! :D

      • my name is Pop kub.

        There is always a hesitation and we always have to go back to get it …. we all struggle kub hahha

        i just started my blog and everything seems to be so hard lol

        i would love you be your blog friends!!

        this make my day AWESOME

        • I know right! My problem is I want to buy it online from Sephora before the sale ends this Friday but it’s still out of stock and I’m slowly losing hope, haha!

          Btw, I just left a comment on your blog’s latest entry! :D

  • Ooooh…these look so smooth and creamy on the lips!

    And dammit if you didn’t go and show me another coral :-P I have a limitless affection for corals (and an almost-as-limitless one for rosy pinks!). I swear, my two favourite types of lipstick are !!OMGPURPLEWTFBBQ!! and ‘soft pretty MLBB pinky coral’. Two ends of the spectrum!

    • !!OMGPURPLEWTFBBQ!! – Hahahahahaha

      I actually do love purple, too, but I don’t get to wear it as often as pink or coral because of work reason. :(

      But definitely check out Sunset Orange! I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Maybe I’ll snatch it up this weekend. :D

      • I definitely want to, now! You know, Bobbi Brown is one of the brands we actually have here, but I’ve never actually managed to try anything from it!

        I know what you mean about work reasons too :-( I work at university, so I should be ok to wear whatever I want, but my specific supervisor has a problem with makeup *grrr*

  • Heeey Electric Pink! Totally looks like something I’d wear! I like how they fade evenly. I can’t handle lip colors that don’t!

  • They are actually slightly drying towards the end of day (or once they start to fade) but nothing terrible. I’ve seen much worse — Tom Ford Summer Fling for example!

    Thanks for stopping by, Emi! :)

  • I wish she had released more colors. I wasn’t feeling any of the colors when I saw them in person. Maybe this is a dumb thing to say pigmentation was almost too intense for my liking.

    • I agree that there should be more shades in the lineup! I do love the two colors I have, though. They are pigmented but can be sheered out easily. :)

    • So wearable, too! Totally my shade. ^_^

      Oh, Eesha, I have been meaning to leave comments on your blog but I don’t have any of the profiles listed in the drop down menu to write a comment! I just wanted to tell you that I am in love with your winged liner. It’s PERFECTION.<3

  • Hi Jaa, I love the dusty pink on you. It is totally the color that I will wear. I love you review on the pencil. I think I will pick one up in dusty pink. Have you ever try the Nars pencil? If so what do u think of it? I think it is a bday gift at sephora. Btw, you can still get cosmetic discount from Nordstrom (10% only some brands).

    • Nars pencils are excellent as well! They also seem to last longer on my lips. Cruella and Rikugien are included in the Sephora Birthday gift this year. I LOVE Cruella; it’s among my favorite long-lasting matte red lipsticks. For Rikugien, I don’t really care for it that much because it’s so pale and looks like I’m not wearing anything. Pale lips may like it, though. Besides these two, I also highly recommend you check out Lodhi, Yu, Descanso, and Iberico (not sure if it’s LE)!

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