Currently Lovin’: Summer Primer

Here are my current top three mattifying primers for Summer 2014! They are very good at keeping excess oil at bay! :)

Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector
review →
Clé de Peau Beauté
Smoothing Base for Pores SPF 22
review →
Veil Mineral Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 15
review →

Are you using face primer in Summer? What's your go-to/favorite?



  • I just realized every time I’m gonna recommend some item in my stash, it will be from Etude House…. LOL. My HG primer is the Face Conditioning Cream!! Honestly honestly the best I’ve ever tried, my makeup lasts about an extra 2-3 hours whenever I wear this primer and it does not make me oily!!!!!

  • What a brilliant post Jaa, I actually read all the three posts and now I am sure I have to atleast try one of your mentions as they all sound incredible. I have huge pores and oily skin types and rely on my Benefit Porefessional but may be I could try one of these.

    • Please do, Fiona!

      Benefit POREfessional is nice for winter only as it doesn’t do much in terms of oil-controlling which is something I need in my summer primer! :)

  • Hehe, I’m trying out a bunch of different primers at the moment too – and none of them are these! :-D

    What a pointless comment I just made. I apologise, Jaa.

    *falls on sword*

    And I haven’t even drunk anything…

  • I saw the mini size version of the HG mineral veil on my way to the checkout at sephora ( sneaky bast***rds…they line the whole way with goodies so we shop all the way till we pay lol) and almost bought it but put it back just as my turn came up lol. I have to return some stuff….ill see how it goes this time!!

    • LOLOLOLOL Dee! I know, right?!! They REALLY want to get every cent out of you!!! Haha.

      But please do give in next time. You won’t be disappointed. ;D

    • Heard so much about Hard Candy primers. Is there a specific one that you use and love?

      Thanks for stopping by, Rikki! <3

  • Right now I’m using the Hourglass primer, but I’m still not convinced it’s the best for my very oily skin. I’m curious to try the Becca primer, but I can have dry patches from time to time (due to prescription-strength acne medication), so that might not be the best fit either! Thank you for the reviews, Jaa!!

    • Another one that I really like is MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance! I love love love its weightless and smooth consistency. Actually it feels like applying a good moisturizer! I don’t use it often during summer, though, since it doesn’t do much in terms of oil control but in winter, it’s the only primer I use! Maybe you can give it a test next time you’re near a MAC counter!

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