Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick Review & Swatches

Talk about coincidence. Four months ago today I wrote a review of the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colours and back then I honestly thought that I had more than enough eyeshadow sticks that I wouldn't need another one for a long time. And I was doing good at not buying any more, well, until the Marc Jacobs' version came along (of course). I mean, I love Marc Jacobs makeup and I love cream shadow sticks, so I had to at least try one, right? Right! ;D

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick
Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick
Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir
Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir

Twinkle Pop Eye Stick is packaged in a sleek, retractable, twist-up pencil with a reflective all-chrome exterior. All of the colors have the same type of packaging but are differentiable from each other by the small colored-tip on the cap. I wasn't in love with the packaging design at first but it sort of grows on you. Now, I'm starting to really like it!

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick
Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick

This product is basically a cream eyeshadow in a stick form that can double as an eyeliner. The application is super easy, just twist it up and apply directly from the stick to the eyelid — no brush needed. The tip was designed in a way that you can achieve a very smooth and precise application in no time — a “swipe-and-go” product indeed!

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir
Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir

The color I have is called Au Revoir (406) which is described as a “pewter shimmer“. Though the actual color of the pencil is much lighter in person than the color displayed on Sephora website. In real life, it is a very shimmery taupe brown with gold shimmer that gives off a strong metallic sheen. The shimmer is not subtle at all — it is very very sparkly!

To make it more wearable for daytime, I like to either (1) pair it with matte shadows, (2) apply as an eyeliner, or (3) dab on the center of the lid as an accent. But for nighttime, I will go all out and apply it all over my lids as a base to add extra oomph to any shadow I choose to put on top. The result is super sparkly eyes!

Au Revoir is richly pigmented and goes on almost opaque in one swipe. The coverage is buildable, and the more you layer, the more sparkly it becomes! :)

Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir one swipe (L) and built up (R)
Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir one swipe (L) and built up (R)

The formula is weightless and supposedly “infused with pure Alpine snow water from the Swiss Alps to hydrate lids and to leave them with a soothing sensation“. *smiles* Of course, they had to throw something fancy in the description! ;D Though I'm not exactly wowed by the acclaimed addition of the snow water, I'll have to agree with the soothing sensation statement! This product really does provide a nice soothing feel on the lid! The incredibly soft formula just glides on, too, no pressure required to get a good color payoff! :) This sets the Twinkle Pop Eye Stick way apart from other cream shadow formulas where they tend to be dry and thick in texture and will tug and drag (even if slightly) on the skin.

Another great thing is it also gives this really nice cooling sensation upon contact with the skin! It is hard to describe but it feels like you are applying a thin layer of “cool water” on the lid rather than eyeshadow. It sets almost immediately so you must move quick if blending is needed. Once it sets, it is not going anywhere. I have tried wearing it alone on unprimed lids from morning till late at night and I was more than impressed to see that it did not crease on me at all! So, huge thumbs up on the staying power!

The “Twinkle Eye” Look

Wearing Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir
Wearing Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir
Wearing Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir
Wearing Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir

I applied Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Au Revoir all over the lid and used Chopper from Urban Decay Naked 2 palette on the crease. The gold inner corner is Sonia Kashuk Shimmering Crème Shadow, the black liner is Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Black Lace and the blue liner is MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner in Industrial.

Twinkle Pop Eye Stick offers rich color and creamy formula in a convenient pencil form. The application is effortless and fuss-free, which makes it the ultimate product to use during morning rush. I am thoroughly impressed with the formula and planning to buy more colors from the line soon — Stardust (410) and Tree Shakes (404) are next on my list!

Do you wear cream shadows? What is the best cream shadow sticks you've come across so far?


US$28 at Sephora

฿1,050 at Sephora Thailand



  • Bful EOTD Jaa and this color is very pretty
    I do similar stick from Bobbi Brown in similar color :))
    that blue MAC liner is killer ;)

    • Thanks, Krithi! I haven’t tried the Bobbi Brown ones yet! What color do you suggest? Yep, MAC Pearlglides are my ultimate favorite liners of all time!! ^_^ I wish they would expand their shade range a bit! I would seriously buy them all!

  • Oh my goodness, your eye look is stunning! Now I want to purchase that Pearlglide — what a gorgeous blue liner that is! So exciting to hear that this doesn’t crease on you. I only have one cream shadow stick (LM’s) — for some reason I prefer cream shadow in a pot or good ol’ powder eyeshadow!

    • Hey Carolyn! Thank you so much! You have to try at least one Pearlglide!!! I mean, their staying power is not the greatest because they smudge a little bit after a long day (esp in the outer corner) but the pigmentation is SO rich and opaque!

      • Hi Jaa! Yes, I have owned several Pearlglides but in the past, but like you said, they def. smudge! Really unfortunate as I liked how smooth and pigmented they were. The color you are rocking is so gorgeous!!!

        • Yeah, if they could fix that one thing! These would be my ultimate, perfect, most favorite eyeliners in the universe of all time!!! LOL!

  • How pretty is this? I wish it was available easily, but I am sure gonna pick this in Dubai. And Jaa love the eye makeup!

  • Hey Jaa, what a fun look! I haven’t tried anything from Marc Jacobs, but this formula sounds suspiciously like the Chanel one from last summer. I really like this shade on you, and the look you came up with is so much fun! <3

  • I nearly choked on my walnuts (now that sounds weird) when I got to your face shots! That eye look is hypnotizing, Jaa! Love it. That blue looks great on you. But Au Revoir is quite the stunner too.

    • LOL Melissa!!! I am actually laughing out loud reading your comment! Hahaha

      Well, thank you for the compliment! That’s high praise coming from you! :)

    • I really like the brand! Everything I bought did not disappoint! :) I am lemming their eyeshadow palette right now but haven’t yet decided which one I should get – the Lolita or the Dreamer…

  • I love the look you created! I have yet to try anything from MJ though. My ever growing wish list is taking priority. I do really like the color though.

    • Thanks, Erin! <3 Sephora is giving out a mini MJ eyeliner right now (100 point perk) which I think is so worth it! Maybe that's something to get you started with the brand? MJ eyeliners are one of the best formula I've tried! :)

  • I like a girl that can rock blue!
    I have to say, the packaging is super cute. Combined with 10/10 it might be worth a look-see and a trip to sephora just for that.

    • Hey Lucina! I wasn’t sure about the packaging in the beginning but I kind of like it now! :D I’m really happy with this product so hopefully you will get a chance to check it out in store! ;D

  • ROGUE LIKE SPARKLES. *drool* :-D

    I love the kind of ‘ancient Egyptian’ vibe of this eye look! I really wish MJ stuff was available here so I could go and play with all the things. My wallet is kind of glad that they’re not, but still ;-)

    • Now that you said it, yeah I think it does have that ancient Egyptian vibe! I know I will miss Marc Jacobs makeup (and so many other brands) when I decide to move back to Thailand! I am and am not looking forward to it lol!

  • I swatched Au Revoir and really liked it. Great pick! But I’m sorry – it’s TOTALLY overshadowed by the gorgeousness of that blue liner! Amazing look. :D

    • Haha thank you, Liz! ;D It’s not my intention but the blue liner really stood out especially under the studio lighting!!

  • I’ve actually been liking the Sephora Jumbo pencils are cream eyeshadows. They’ve performed really well for me thus far! NYX Yogurt for the inner corner of my eyes – never let me down either! Industrial’s on my list now thanks to this look Jaa!

    • Never tried either of them! I’m all crazy about cream shadows right now so I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks for your suggestion, Dee! :)

  • I’m torn between these and the LM Caviar Sticks. Which do you think is better, or are they even comparable? I’m so torn. :)

    • Hey Grace! I actually love them both! Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pops leave a super, super sparkly finish while Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks leave more of a uniformed “pearly” finish. They are both very creamy and long-lasting. Twinkle Pops feel “cool” upon contact with the skin, though (which I like!). I’m sorry if I’m not helping. I really can’t choose between the two! ^_^”

      • Your awesome reviews entice me to want both. :) I’ve swatched the Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pops at Sephora but didn’t even know about the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks until very recently. Have you tried any other Twinkle Pop colors since this review? I loved Shoshanna and Frannie in particular (but they all look nice! :)

        What eyeshadow primer do you wear with these to prevent creasing?

        BTW, love your site–your reviews are a great resource!

        • Hey Grace, no, I have not, unfortunately! Maybe I should pick up another shade or two tomorrow (last day of Sephora sale!). :D Frannie looks like a great shade to add some sparkles to any eye makeup look! :D Pretty sure it would look great in the inner corners, too! In this look I wore the Nars Smudge Proof Eye base underneath. :D

          I wish Marc Jacobs would make a mini Twinkle Pop set… that would be SO COOL! I wanted to buy the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick set, too, but I already have all the colors in the set but one. Doesn’t seem wise to buy the whole thing just for that color. Haha. But the mini size is adorable!!

          And thank you SO much for being super sweet! ❤❤ Hugs! :D

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