Sephora 500 Point Reward: Urban Decay Urban Obsessions

And yet another 500 point reward worth redeeming at Sephora! This set is so hot that it already went out of stock online!

Urban Decay Urban Obsessions is the newest (and possibly hottest right now) 500 point reward from Sephora. I honestly just received my set last night so I didn't have time to play with it yet. I just wanted to post photos as soon as possible so that you can decide whether it's worth redeeming your hard-earned points for (500 points is a lot of points after all!).

Here's what the outer box looks like front and back:

Urban Decay Urban Obsessions
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions

On the back side, there is a small tab that you pull out to reveal the Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It comes in a one-time use peel-off sample.

Urban Decay Urban Obsessions
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions

Inside is an eyeshadow palette containing 4 neutral colors and a 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. On the box it says that 2 eyeshadow shades are exclusive but there may be a mistake here. I know Guilt is, but the other three shades are not. Skimp is in the Naked2 Basics (review); Bust and Oil Slick you can buy them in single pans ($18 each). Unless “exclusive” means you can't buy them individually, then Skimp is the other exclusive shade.

Urban Decay Urban Obsessions
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions

The eyeshadows

Skimp is a pale nude satin, Bust is a pale sable brown satin, Guilt is a pale pink frost, and Oil Slick is a black matte with silver micro-glitter.

Initial impression:

  • Skimp and Bust are smooth and offer good and buildable color payoff.
  • Guilt is unfortunately really pale and doesn't show up pink at all on me; all I see is a silvery frost finish. It's also a little crumbly, too, because the texture is so soft.
  • Oil Slick is well-pigmented but feels slightly dry and gritty upon application. The silver glitter is beautiful, though!
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions; L-R: Skimp, Bust, Guilt, and Oil Slick
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions; L-R: Skimp, Bust, Guilt, and Oil Slick

The eyeliner

Zero isn't the blackest black (for blackest black, try Perversion; $20) but I think it fits perfectly with the theme of the palette. It's a medium black that is not too harsh and the color payoff is buildable. It sets quickly to a long-lasting and budge-proof finish. See comparison swatches with other 32 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils here.

Urban Decay Urban Obsessions; Zero 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions; Zero 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions; Zero 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions; Zero 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

As I mentioned earlier, this set is no longer available online even though it just came out less than 48 hours ago! If you really want it, try calling your local Sephora store to ask for availability. I know my store still had plenty in stock when I called this morning! :)

Are you going to redeem this set? What was the best 500 point reward you ever picked up?

P.S. Before you go, please vote for me and my friend Melissa in the Jewel-toned Eyes Makeup Challenge at Savvyist! Thanks so much!



  • I think this is a great perk for 500pts. I like how it’s an exclusive palette and not just a collection of deluxe samples, like the 500pt perks usually are. I was thinking about getting it but I think I’ll save my points since I have lots of eyeshadow and palettes already!

    PS Voted for you!

    • Yayyy! Thanks for voting for me, Laura! I know I can always count on you! ;D

      I was a little hesitating to redeem this palette because I have so many eye palettes already. But since I know a lot of people love UD I thought it would be helpful to show them swatches. :D

      • We can always count on you for swatches.. and to have every new product there is! :p

        BTW, did you have any orders that have been delayed from the sale last weekend? I made an order on 11/9 and another on 11/10 that still haven’t shipped >.< but Sephora sent me an email crediting me with 500pts as an apology for the delay. How nice!

        • I actually bought everything in store, Laura! But I did place a couple of regular orders right before the sale started and everything was delivered quickly as normal. I heard so much about website difficulties and people getting their orders delayed and canceled this year, though. So glad they at least tried to do something to remedy the situation such as giving people free points. And 500 points – that’s A LOT, Laura! That’s very nice of them! :D Are your packages still being shipped through UPS? Because I heard some disturbing news about Sephora starting to deliver packages through OnTrac which is notorious for late or lost shipments!

        • oh gosh and here I was all this time I thought they had made a mistake and gave me my 500 pts back! LOL I guess I never saw their e-mail… but hey I got me a free argan oil 500 pt set because of a few days of waiting, I’m all for that!

  • You guys get the most amazing perks! Here if you spend 500 euros, you get a 5-euro coupon. That’s it. Brands sometimes have little sets, but definitely not to THIS scale!

    PS: I voted for you, Melissa, and Larie! <3

    • ROFL, seriously? EUR 5 ‘reward’ for an EUR 500 spend? That’s New Zealand-grade terrible (in terms of cosmetic rewards). *pats shoulder*

      I feel like someone at the company must have been laughing when they decided on that reward. Possibly it was evil, cackling laughter… :-P

      I voted for the same trio ^_^ <3

      • Yeah. Sometimes they have double-point or extra-point promotions, but most of the time that’s about it. You do get a 5-euro coupon for your birthday, and they do F&F sales once or twice a year (usually they give out extra coupons as well). Or sometimes you can find coupons in the newspaper, but yeah, it’s NOWHERE like what stores do in the States!

        • Either good deals or genius marketing plans. LOL. Because there are countless of times that I bought things I did not need just to score these deals!

      • LOL and I’m sure they will laugh even harder when they know people *will* spend 500 euros to get a 5-euro coupon! Haha.

        Thanks, Syl! <3

  • I am not so good at colors but are they all cool? I wish we have Sephora here! :( Voted for you, Jaa, and Melissa! <3 I am gonna join the community after this post.

    • Thanks, Laarni! Yay, let’s spread words about Savvy! I think the site has potential! :)

      These are cooler-toned, yes.

  • thanks. Ill save my 500 points. Thanks for the review Jaa very helpful. Just not feeling any of the colours really..
    Voted for my girls…:) You and Melissa. May the Force be with you ;) (looks like it is..ure leading lol..)

  • Aah! This is such an awesome reward! ^_^ I need another Zero liner like I need a hole in the head, but it is a very useful/versatile colour (especially for vampires with light coloured hair, LOL!). It’s a nice colour selection nonetheless. I wish Guilty had turned out better, but now I want to get Bust!

    • Bust is gorgeous!!! Speaking of Zero, I may or may not have put another set into your “surprise” bag. Hehehe ;D

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