September 2014 Favorites

September is a month of change. The biggest change is, ugh, I'm another year older (my birthday is in September). The season also changes from hot Summer to chilly Fall (boo!). The lower temperature then requires a complete change of my wardrobe! No more shorts, no more sandals. :( September is usually a month I am looking forward to (birthday gifts, yes yes) and not (cold weather)… but enough of that. Let's get started on the topic at hand — products I've been loving this month!

YSL Blush Voluptè Heart Of Light Powder Blush in Light 03

I just love everything about this blush! First of all, the color Light 03 is absolutely gorgeous! We have a nice shimmery peachy pink in the center of the pan surrounded by a medium cool-toned purple pink. When swirled together, it creates this beautiful and natural-looking flush on the cheeks with a hint of healthy glow. The consistency is soft, smooth, and floral-scented (it smells divine). Another thing I love about it is the level of pigmentation; it goes on sheer so you don't have to be super careful but you can still build the intensity with ease. It's one of the easiest blushes to use for me (perfect for morning rush!). I have nothing but major love for this blush! ❤ Read my full review here.

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Color Quad

When I first received this quad, I wasn't completely in love with it because I didn't find the shades particularly unique. The more I use it, though, the more I love it! Just like the YSL blush above, Nude Dip is very easy to use. The color combination is nice in the sense that there's no guesswork here. You have a highlighting shade, lid shade, crease shade, and outer V/C and liner shade, all lined up in a square pan ready for you (again, perfect for morning rush!). The formula can be used wet or dry but I just use it dry on most days. The colors are shimmery but in the most sophisticated and flattering way. At the time of this post, the quad is still unavailable online but you can try calling your local Tom Ford boutique to inquire about availability. Read my full review here.

Guerlain Les Violines Écrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadows

Another eyeshadow quad I've been loving this month! If you are looking for a perfect Fall palette, this one might be it! The main colors are pink, mauve, and plum. Every shade in this quad has a silky matte finish. The pigmentation is not too crazy which I like. I like to be able to start from a sheer application and build gradually to meet my needs than start from something crazy pigmented and try to blend it out later. The texture of these matte shadows is ridiculously soft, smooth, and creamy! They are not chalky or powdery at all and they also blend really nicely. The darkest shade is a little tricky to build, though, but with a little effort, you can still create a really nice dramatic V. Read my full review here.

Tom Ford Twist of Fate and Negligee Lip Colors

Twist of Fate and Negligee are two brand new Tom Ford Lip Colors recently released for the Fall 2014 Collection. Being a huge fan of his lipsticks, of course I had to have both shades! :) My favorite of the two is Twist of Fate simply because it is brighter and looks more youthful on me. Negligee is more business-like; I wasn't too crazy about this color in the beginning but it's starting to grow on me. Both shades have fantastic texture — creamy smooth and they basically glide on like silk. Being full-coverage, they apply opaque in one pass which is perfect for pigmented lips like mine. They have excellent longevity as well. Read my full review here.

Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer

I'm usually not a fan of Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primers because my skin is sensitive to silicone-heavy products. I was a little hesitant to use this Pore Minimizing version but decided to give it a try anyway. And I'm so glad I did! Because now I don't think I can ever live without it! :) The texture is very similar to the Benefit POREfessional but the finish it leaves is slightly more matte which I really like. It seems to control the oil production on my T-zone better than any other pore-minimizing primers I have tried. It doesn't feel as silicone-y as the other Photo Finish Foundation Primers to me but it could be my imagination, too. I've been using this tiny sample tube for almost a month now and I'm still not even half way through. There is no doubt in my mind at this point that I'll be purchasing the full size as soon as I finish this sample! :) Read my mini review here.

And that's a wrap! What do you think of my favorites this month? What have you been loving in September? Are you looking forward to autumn?


YSL Blush Voluptè Heart Of Light Powder Blush in Light 03:
US$47 at Sephora

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Color Quad:
US$85 at Sephora ○ Tom Ford

Guerlain Les Violines Écrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadows:
US$63 at Sephora

Tom Ford Twist of Fate and Negligee Lip Colors:
US$54 at Sephora ○ Nordstrom

Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer:
US$39 at Sephora

YSL Blush Voluptè Heart Of Light Powder Blush in Light 03:
At YSL counters

Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Color Quad:
At Tom Ford counters

Guerlain Les Violines Écrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadows:
At Guerlain counters

Tom Ford Twist of Fate and Negligee Lip Colors:
At Tom Ford counters

Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Foundation Primer:



    • I think anyone with enlarged pores needs to invest in this primer. Period. It’s that good. There’s a reason why it’s constantly out of stock at my local Sephora and Ulta! ;D

  • That Smashbox primer sounds amazing! I might have to try it one of these days… Also, so glad you are loving Nude Dip more and more :).

    • Oh Carolyn! I can’t rave enough about the Smashbox primer. Seriously I think everyone should try it! It’s SO GOOD!

  • Night falls.

    At HelloJaa HQ, if you were paying very close attention, you might see a shadow slip around the corner of the building, scale the wall, and limpet itself onto the window. If you were, perhaps, listening *very* closely, you might hear the faint ‘skree’ of a diamond glass cutter, then the equally faint ‘snbt’ of a window latch being undone.

    The shadow disappears inside.

    A couple of minutes later, the shadow leaps out of the same window, dive-rolling across the lawn with a small bag clutched in hand. It almost makes it to the perimeter wall, before suddenly slumping to the ground. Shortly afterward, The Sorceress Jaa, wearing her happy mindflayer pyjamas, is standing over the shadow.

    ‘Which ones was it this time, Syl?’ she says, picking up the bag. Inside are a Guerlain eyeshadow palette artefact and a YSL blush artefact.

    The Shadow is still motionless, but says

    ‘Can’t blame a rogue for trying, right? By the way, what level was that Enervation spell you just used? Wana go for a mead nightcap?’ :-D

    • LOL Syl, I am THE Sorceress for a reason!! I miss nothing and no one! ;) Now gimme back my goodies!! But if you come back tomorrow I will let you play with them! ;D

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