A Thank You Note to You and Savvyist.com!

Hi Everyone! I'm taking a break from makeup reviews today because I have a special announcement to make! I won a makeup contest at Savvyist.com!! ^_^ I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you who voted for me and to introduce you to the brand new swatch-sharing site that I guarantee you'll love! :)

What is Savvyist?

Savvyist (savvyist.com) is a place where you can (1) find your beauty guru match, (2) showcase your makeup looks (and promote yourself), (3) search for swatches and reviews of makeup products, and (4) enter a makeup challenge and vote for makeup looks you like.

The website design is clean, modern, and very easy to navigate. Below is what the homepage looks like. I love how you can click on each section to learn more about that topic right away without having to go through so many links to find what you're looking for!

Savvyist.com homepage
Savvyist.com homepage

Beauty guru match – the fun part!

At Savvyist, you can search for your personal beauty guru match by similar skin tone, skin type, eye type, eye color, and hair color. I'm so happy someone finally created this feature! I've always wanted to be able to find gurus who have the same type of skin tone and eye shape so that I can make informed decisions about the products I want to invest in based on their experiences.

Below is what the interface looks like. My selections are bordered in pink:

Savvyist beauty guru match
Savvyist beauty guru match

And tada! Here's my guru matches!

Savvyist beauty guru match - my result
Savvyist beauty guru match – my result

Well, I don't match 100% to myself but 98% is pretty good! Perhaps if the “Acne-Prone” selection that I chose was added to the equation, too, I might have matched 100% to myself. From the result page, I also found out that I'm matched to Bria and many other gurus which is great because now I can add them to my go-to sources for swatches and reviews!

Product reviews

You can search product reviews and dupes under the Swatches section. I like how you can include your own swatches and makeup looks using that product into the database, too! Lighting and the amount of product applied play a large part in how swatches turn out, so having different photos from different sources will give you a better idea of how the actual colors look like. I find this section very helpful and has a lot of potential. The database is still pretty limited at the moment but hopefully it will expand to cover a lot more products in the near future!

Savvyist product reviews
Savvyist product reviews

Create your own profile

Just like any community forum, you can also create your own profile with Savvyist! Below is my profile. You can edit your display picture, cover, website URL, and social network IDs. Your skin tone, eye color, and hair color are also listed on the left side along with your makeup look and comment stats. In the main content section is a display of the looks you submitted to the website. The most fun part of this section has to be those cute little badges! To see what each one represents, just hover your mouse over it! I wonder how many badges there are? I am planning to collect them all!

Savvyist profile page
Savvyist profile page

The founders

And the brains behind the website? Frances Yun, a Harvard graduate with a B.A. in Economics and Sylvia Yun Lewis, a Standford graduate with a B.A. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (yes, yes, yes, more power to us Scientists! ^_^). You can learn more about them and how they came up with the ideas for Savvyist on this page.

Savvyist about page
Savvyist about page

Refinery29 also featured the interview with Frances Yun which you can read here.

Makeup Challenge

Now that you know what Savvyist is all about. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you who voted and/or commented on the look I submitted for the Jewel-toned Eye Makeup Challenge! Here's my submitted look using the Urban Decay Vice3 Eyeshadow Palette (review):

My jewel-toned eye makeup challenge submission at Savvyist
My jewel-toned eye makeup challenge submission at Savvyist


It was my first-ever makeup challenge I ever entered so to win first place is quite an accomplishment for me! ^_^ Thanks so much, guys & girls! I U! :D Click here to see all the looks submitted to this challenge. Everyone has such amazing skills and I can only wish that we all won the prizes!

Result: Jewel-toned eye makeup challenge at Savvyist
Result: Jewel-toned eye makeup challenge at Savvyist

The next challenge starts next Monday! You can now cast your vote on the next Challenge theme! I voted for Glitter & Sparkle! :D

Not only is it fun to showcase your look, but you'll be also be rewarded if you are in the top three most-hearted positions. Each winner will receive an e-gift card in the generous amount of $40, $25, and $15, respectively, from either Sephora, MAC, or Amazon. :D

Well, I hope you will check out their website and become a part of the community soon. It has a lot of potential and I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us. And hey, if you sign up now, you'll receive a special “Early Adopter” badge which is awarded only to those signed up within the first 3 months, so hurry up! ;D

Images featured in this post are courtesy of Savvyist.com. I am not in affiliation with the website, nor was I asked or paid to write this post. I'm just happy to help spread the word! :)



  • Jaa, thank you SO MUCH!! It is so nice to hear such nice words out of the blue and it’s so flattering that you took the time to write about us!! You’ve really made my day!

    1) You noticed the badges! I wasn’t sure if people actually did, and I’m so glad you like them :D

    2) I’ve added “Acne-prone” to your Guru profile, so now you match yourself perfectly :)

    3) Go scientists! So cool, are you planning to teach after your post doc?

    – Frances

    • Hey Frances! My pleasure! I’m glad to help spread the word. I love Savvyist and I can’t wait to see it grow! :D Those badges are addicting! I wish there were a list of all the badges available so I know what I’m missing out on! LOL. But that would spoil all the surprises! Thanks for adding acne-prone to my profile; yes, I saw it now. I finally matched myself 100% haha. I have a few options to consider after my post-doc but I have not made up my mind yet. I want to do so many things at once. LOL.

  • This website really could be the next big thing I think! The concept is brilliant! Congrats on getting first place in the Jewel=Toned Eyes challenge, Jaa, you totally deserved it. I am stoked that I got 2nd place. Normally I NEVER win voting-type contests!

  • Hey Jaa, yay you won!!! I’m so glad to hear that!

    About Savvyist: I like their Guru Match initiative, but I am not SO SO sure about the review part. They do link back, but it’s still taking a lot of photos/content from bloggers. I’m still evaluating where things go from here ;)

  • Sunny, thanks for the feedback!! Actually I feel the same way, and we are going to change it within the next week, so that any related blog entries will only show the first 1-2 sentences, and then link straight to the blog post. There will be an easier way for people to submit links to related blog entries or Youtube videos. I can let you know when it’s fixed!

    • Hey Frances, thanks for the heads-up! I’m really glad you guys are making this change. I think most bloggers will feel so much more comfortable that way!

      • Of course! ^_^ I had been planning to make the change in my upcoming redesign to the page, but I just realized that putting in a quick fix shouldn’t be too hard. Thankfully it was very easy, so the fix is already in! Let me know if you have more feedback!!

  • Congrats, Jaa! I’m secretly not surprised that you’ve won, you totally deserved this one! The concept of savvyist is to say the least amazing. It would be no surprise either that this would become the next big thing. The beauty guru match feature is LOVELY. I’m totally digging it.

    X Alice

  • Congratulations, guys!! :-D This website actually sounds really cool. I didn’t get much of a chance to look at it when I went and voted, but I think I really need to take a closer look! O_O

    • Yes you do, Syl! And sign up while you are at it, too! ‘Cause I have a feeling you’ll want to join their makeup challenge in the future! ;D

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