Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive) Review & Swatches

I'm always excited whenever I buy a new Tom Ford lipstick, but I'm even more excited when it's a shade that's only available in certain countries! :)

Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive)
Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive)
Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive)
Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive)
Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive)
Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive)

23 Bare Peach is among the 3 shades that are Asia-exclusive (the other two shades are 21 Naked Coral, which I plan to buy very soon, and 22 Forbidden Pink). I picked up Bare Peach when I visited Thailand last month. I was actually planning to buy Naked Coral also but it was out of stock at the time (so sad – oh well!). I suppose another trip is in order? :D

Similar to the rest of Tom Ford lipstick, Bare Peach is made in Belgium and comes in a dark brown, squared packaging with gold trimming and a TF initial engraved on the cap. The formula is strongly-fragranced with a signature sweet vanilla scent. The smell is divine but dissipates rather quickly.

Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive)
Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive)
Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive)
Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive)

True to its name, Bare Peach is just that, a peach. Not peachy pink, not beige-y peach, just peach. With lots and lots of ultra fine multi-colored shimmer. I actually looked at the lipstick up close with a magnifying glass and I wish you could see all the beautiful shimmer in it — literally breathtaking! :)

I'd describe its finish as half frost, half metallic (due to the high shimmer content). It has a slight sheen that is not too shiny or too matte, just a perfect balance to make your lips look full and plump, especially when the shimmer reflects light. I am absolutely crazy in love with how the color turns out on my pigmented lips. It's another perfect nude for me in a way, something that I can wear any day and with any kind of makeup.

The texture of Bare Peach is what we have come to expect from Tom Ford — creamy smooth, opaque, and richly pigmented. With a few passes, it completely covers my natural lip color while still maintains the lightweight feel. The shimmer is so fine and does not feel gritty at all. The formula falls into lip lines just a tiny bit but if you wear it lightly, it will hardly be noticeable.

The staying power is slightly short as I see signs of fading within 3-4 hours. The longevity is greatly improved when the lipstick is worn over a lip primer. With a lot of shimmer in the formula like this, you'd think it would dry out your lips once it's worn off, but I'm happy to report that Bare Peach does not dry out my lips at all! :)

Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive) built up (L) and 1 pass (R)
Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive) built up (L) and 1 pass (R)
Wearing Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive) on my lips
Wearing Tom Ford Lip Color #23 Bare Peach (Asia-Exclusive) on my lips

There is no denying this piece of luxury comes with a hefty price tag, and that is a reason why I buy Tom Ford makeup one piece at a time. Bare Peach is truthfully not the most stunning shade from the lineup, together with its limited availability, I would not consider this a must-have. However, speaking from one (crazy) Tom Ford lipstick fan to another, this is a shade completely worthy of your time and money to have in your collection. :)

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UPDATE 10.13.14: ตอนนี้สามารถซื้อสี Bare Peach นี้ได้แล้วที่เว็บไซต์ของ Tom Ford ค่ะ!


US$54 at Sephora ○ Tom Ford

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  • HRNGGH! That lip and eye combo is just stunning! You and your damn lower lash lines again, Jaa! T_T

    I love me some country-exclusives! I’m glad you were able to get hold of this lipstick, and I wish for more travels for you soon so you can pick up that coral one ;-)

    • Haha thanks, Syl! I hope I get to travel again soon. I love traveling! <3

      P.S. I think people notice my lower lash line makeup more because I don't have lower lashes to cover it! LOL! A blessing in disguise!!

  • Such a beautiful colour!! I’m even more irritated when they do releases specific to a country lol. Makes it so hard to find for everyone else. And why limit such a byyuuuuutifull colour to one country:( Well lucky you Jaa. It looks gorgeous on you! Enjoy:)

    • I really don’t quite understand what makes brands make certain products available in certain countries only! Don’t they want more sales? LOL!

  • Hey Jaa, it’s a lovely shade on you! I love your eyes here as well! I wish it were a little less shimmery, but that’s me! My preferences for lipsticks are really pretty old-school :p

    • I’m usually not too crazy about the shimmery finish but I have to give it to this one! :) Have you tried any TF lipsticks, Sunny? I don’t recall reading any reviews on your blog. And of all the luxury cosmetics blogs, you have to have reviewed at least one! They are made in BELGIUM for a reason! Haha. :D

      • Heeeeey this is my biggest discovery of the day! I never realized TF lipsticks are made in Belgium (I know LMdB eyeshadows are, or at least some of them)!

        I have tried 4 TF lipsticks in total, but that was a while ago! Diabolique is still my favorite red ever, but True Coral is a bit of a disappointment. What bothers me a little about TF lipsticks isn’t enough consistency. Each shade seems to be different in terms of finish and level of hydration.

        • I agree with the inconsistency between shades! I’m just glad that the colors that are my favorites have great texture and good color payoff, though! :D

  • Hi Jaa
    such a gorgeous packaging and everyday color
    U r looking very pretty
    I dont own a TF lipstick yet ,but this goes straight into my wish-list to buy whenever i can :)

  • La Di Da.. La Di Da! Tom Ford! I just have cherry Lush and that sits in cupboard as a piece of art! :P This looks gorgeous on you! :-)

  • This is such an adorable photo of you! I love that you looked at this with a magnifying glass. That just makes you even more adorable! You’re truly a scientist at heart! It’s beautiful on you!

    • Haha, thanks, Kristen! Can’t help it! You know there are times when I have to re-write my reviews because it sounds more like a scientific paper than a casual makeup review haha!

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