Tom Ford Lips & Boys Part II: Michael and Jack Review & Swatches

Here is part II of my Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color review. I know I promised to show you 6 more shades but there was some technical issue with my order which I'll tell you more about it at the end of the post. For now, let's focus our attention on the beautiful Micheal and Jack!

For general information about the Lips & Boys collection including size, shade name, color family, and also swatches and review of Alexander, Preston, Justin, and Pablo, please see my original Part I post here.

Michael and Jack side-by-side

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors: Michael (L) and Jack (R)
Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors: Michael (L) and Jack (R)
Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors: Michael (L) and Jack (R)
Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors: Michael (L) and Jack (R)
Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors: Michael (L) and Jack (R)
Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors: Michael (L) and Jack (R)
Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors: Michael (L) and Jack (R)
Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors: Michael (L) and Jack (R)
Wearing Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors: Michael (L) and Jack (R)
Wearing Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors: Michael (L) and Jack (R)


Michael is a bright coral pink shade that I think compliments my complexion really well. The brightness of the shade amplifies with every layer you put on so I normally reserve it to just a couple of layers to keep it appropriate for everyday wear. It has quite a bit of shimmer in the texture but once it is applied on the lips, the shimmer becomes unnoticeable and translates to a soft luminous shine. The coverage sits between medium to full and is buildable to a semi-frost finish.

Michael tends to go on streaky and accentuate lip lines and dry flakes. I would suggest exfoliating and covering your lips with a smoothing lip balm prior to application. The formula is slightly emollient and keeps my lips lightly conditioned throughout wear. It lasts for about 4-5 hours before fading into a soft coral pink stain.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color in Michael
Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color in Michael
Wearing Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color in Michael
Wearing Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color in Michael


Jack is a medium magenta pink with purple undertones. It looks slightly darker in the tube than it appears on the lips. This is my favorite shade of all Lip & Boys Lip Colors that I picked up. I like how the purple tone strongly comes through on my pigmented lips so it's not just another full-on magenta. The color is bright yet it's also super wearable. It offers a full color coverage in one pass but you can also just dab the lipstick along the lips and sheer out with a fingertip to tone it down a notch. Jack contains a very small amount of ultra fine shimmer in the formula but it is virtually undetectable on the lips.

Texture-wise, Jack is such a dream to apply. It is smooth, creamy, satiny, and basically just glides on the lips without any resistance. It leaves a satin finish that doesn't emphasize lip imperfections, nor does it leave my lips feeling dry during wear. The formula is comfortable, slightly hydrating, and leaves a gorgeous glossy shine that makes my lips appear fuller and healthier. It stays on well for a good 5-6 hours before fading into a purple pink stain.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color in Jack
Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color in Jack
Wearing Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color in Jack
Wearing Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color in Jack

Swatches of all my Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors in L-R: Flynn, Alexander, Michael, Preston, Justin, Jack, and Pablo
Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors in L-R: Flynn, Alexander, Michael, Preston, Justin, Jack, and Pablo

I included Flynn, which is a light nude baby pink, in the swatch but did not try it on my lips because, hear this, I received it used! I'm sorry but I refuse to wear a used lipstick on my lips for fear of contamination. I cannot believe the place I ordered it from actually sent me a used Tom Ford lipstick! Shocked, I called their Customer Service department just to be informed that the shade was no longer available so they couldn't send me a replacement. I'm glad they refunded my money but the whole experience leaves such a bad taste that I will try not to order anything from them from now on unless absolutely necessary. Another disappointment was when I did not receive Stavros, Collin, and Julian with my order simply because they ran out of inventory 4 days after I submitted my order. :( Oh well, money saved there I guess!

So, how do you like my coverage of the Lips & Boys Collection? A little heavy on the pink spectrum but I know I'm not the only one who loves pink lipsticks! ;)


US$32 at Nordstrom ○ Sephora

At Tom Ford counters



  • Hey Jaa, I like Michael on you, but I’m sorry to hear about the flake-stressing thing! I don’t like to make a lot of effort for lipsticks most of the time, so I don’t think I’ll pick it up. Jack on the other hand, looks like a catch!

    I’m SO sorry to hear about the problem with the order! How did they send you a USED lipstick??? That’s gross! Do let me know if you need any help laying your hands on the shades that you ended up not receiving. I can still find them here.

    • I have no idea how that even happened! They probably thought they’d get away with it. The lipstick was lightly used (but used alright) and they probably thought I wouldn’t have noticed. Little did they know I take my photos with a macro lens so every small detail gets enlarged. LOL.

      • I had this with a Revlon lipstick once!! OK, so the expense/prestige isn’t quite the same, but still – it was shrink-wrapped and everything, and looking through the window in the top of the tube it appeared fine, but then when I opened it, you could clearly see those little lines and scratches, and the dulling of that ‘new lipstick’ gloss on the flat surface of the bullet tip. I couldn’t definitively say it had been used on someone’s *lips*, but it had definitely been wiped across something… T_T Either way: *shudder*

        On to more pleasant things: Jack is gorgeous!! I had actually been eyeballing that shade myself (along with Stavros and Liam). Plus the name makes me think of Jack O’Neill <3_<3

        • How in the world did that ever happen?!! I can understand in my case someone might have tampered with it at the counter but in your case the product was still shrink-wrapped so it must be the factory’s issue! They really need to fix their QC protocol!

          It looks like receiving used makeup is more common than I thought! Sad!

  • AWZM picks here, Jaa! You know, I’ve always loved darker lips on you! — OH-EM-GEE! I did not see that coming! Used lipstick? SO SHOCKING! :O

    • Thanks, Laarni! Yeah… of all the brands, Tom Ford is the least you’d expect to send you a used product!

  • that Jack is definitely my boy!!!
    but dont know how to get hold of him because these boys dont want to come to India u see :P
    BTW Jaa im liking your scarf a lot ,may i ask from where?

    • LOL! These boys! They play hard to get huh?! ;D I honestly don’t remember where I got it from! Sorry! I bought it a few years ago but my guess would be Forever21 or H&M! :)

  • I love pink lipsticks so I am ok with it. I didn’t end up picking any of these lipsticks but Micheal was very high on the list of shades I wanted and I really like it on toy although Jack is definitely your kind of shade. It’s great to hear it has such a perfect application too.

    I cannot believe they would send you a used lipstick, how did that even happen? Totally unacceptable coming from such a high end brand and taking into consideration how expensive those lipsticks are!

    • Yeah it was such a bad move on their part. I wonder maybe they ran out of inventory and decided to send me the tester instead hoping that I wouldn’t notice! Umm… hello, I take my product photos with a macro lens! LOL!

  • Although they are two very different shades, both look amazing on you!
    I was considering Michael wanting to try something different since I always go for cool pinks and purples. Now I am a bit hesitant after hearing about the dry spot accentuating thing. I’m too lazy to exfoliate properly for a lipstick no matter how lovely it looks!

    And sorry to hear about the used lipstick! Good that you got your money back, but it is more disturbing to think about how it ended up delivered to you! ;o

    • I had no idea how it was tossed into my box! I wonder if it was purchased and then returned without the SA checking it was used before restocking it. Oh well, the formula isn’t up to par anyway (according to JK’s comment) so I don’t feel too bad!

  • OMG Jaa, that is DISGUSTING! I really like Michael on you so I’m sorry to hear about it’s patchiness. I had wanted a few shades too but when I tried to order they were sold out. I had something similar happen when I tried to order several of the NARS Audacious lipsticks. They sold out of all my colors while my order was processing! I haven’t bothered to order them again!

    • Yeah, it was pretty disturbing especially for a high-end brand like that. So sorry to hear about your NARS experience but I still think you should pick up at least one shade when you get a chance! The Audacious formula is top-notch! :)

  • I’m so curious who sent you used lipstick. Please don’t tell me it was Nordies. I actually ordered Flynn and it was my first Tom Ford lipstick. While being very creamy, it emphasized dry spots I didn’t know I had on my lips. Also, it was waaaay too light on me. (I was looking for a pinky nude, but it totally washes me out). I then ordered Addison, which is the perfect pinky nude on me and the formula doesn’t cling to dry spots or emphasize lip lines. I guess Flynn will just sit in my cabinet looking pretty…

    • Oh no, it was not Nordies! Although the name of the place also starts with “N”! ;D I’m so glad in a way to hear that Flynn underperforms (oops) because now I don’t feel so disappointed about it. Can you still return it?

      • I purchased directly from Tom Ford’s website – so I’m stuck with it. I’ll find a use for it somehow – I’ll mix it with other shades (that don’t emphasize dry patches lol).

  • I love Jack on you!! I am a little afraid of bold lipstick shades (I feel like they always look weird on me!), but I have been playing with shades like Jack and actually making it out of the house with them on!

    These are so danged expensive, so if I ever splurge, I gotta get the most unique one… which of course is Stavros, which is OOS everywhere!

    I once received a used NARS lip pencil from – it’s an online only retailer, how the heck did that happen?!?! It wasn’t even like, lightly used. The tip was worn all the way down and there was lipstick all over it and it was covered in fingerprints. Totally gross!!

    • Hey Rachel! Oh I used to be afraid of wearing bold lips, too! I remember feeling slightly awkward wearing anything more than a light pink color to work but now I have a responsibility as a blogger to test the product thoroughly! I can wear anything now be it bright red, hot pink, neon coral, ha ha. Once you get passed that point, people will pay less attention to what you wear. :D

      I’m still bummed that they canceled my Stavros order! :( OK, I thought the Flynn I received was gross. Your NARS lip pencil totally took the grossness to the next level! LOL! Eeww.. did you contact them to report the issue?! I’d love to know what their response was!

  • I actually can’t decide! I love them both on you! Jack looks a lot like YSL Fuchsia in Rage which looks fab on you. Michael seems a better option for daytime. I think you really picked great shades! ^_^

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