Tool Thursday: MAC 137 Long Blending Brush Review

MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC 137 Long Blending Brush


  • Head: 5 cm (2 in) long, 3.5 cm (1.4 in) diameter
  • Handle: 13.5 cm (5.3 in) from ferrule

Review & Usage

MAC 137 Long Blending Brush (made in Japan) is part of the 3 new brushes launched with the MAC is Beauty collection. It was designed for a light dusting of any powder but I mostly use it for applying a finishing/setting powder all over my face. The long, pristine white bristles are made of natural bristles (I suspect goat hair) and are very, very soft and flexible. I know most recent MAC brushes aren't quite as soft as before. I actually anticipated this brush to not be this soft but wow, I was wrong! It's almost like applying powder with feathers when I use this brush!

The softness along with the slightly tapered shape allows for a very sheer and diffused application all over rather than precise placement. That's why it's great for applying setting powders although you can certainly use it for applying highlighters and highly pigmented powders such as blushes and bronzers as well (it is a great brush for subtle contouring!). Basically it is a really great tool to achieve a soft and natural finish of pigmented makeup.

If you like using a fan brush to apply your finishing powder or highlighter, I think you'll love this one even more. It is much easier to focus on the desired area. For example, you may want to set only on the area around your nose, or chin, or forehead, this brush has a perfect shape that targets those areas specifically without applying extra product anywhere else on the face. You can also pinch the bristles slightly and use it to contour and highlight the nose, too. It's actually quite versatile for such a loose, fluffy face brush!

Now the reason why I waited so long to review it (the collection was launched since the beginning of April 2015): I wanted to see if shedding would ever stop! This brush did shed a lot in the beginning and I'm really not a fan of picking brush bristles off my face every time I use a brush. It shed so much that I was starting to worry that all the hair would be gone before I knew it! Very fortunately, though, the hair stopped falling off after the fourth or fifth wash. Pheww!

Some of my readers have mentioned that the quality of MAC brushes has changed over time. Some couldn't understand why I love my 217 and 219 so much because they feel scratchy to them. I bought mine many years ago and they are still so soft just like when I bought them. If you're afraid that MAC 137 would be scratchy, I can tell you right now that it is not at all. I truly encourage you to try (feel) it at the counter! :)


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  • Uhhh I kinda looked at this one as well, but if it sheds I’m out! Shedding and bleeding dye are THE things I don’t want when it comes to brushes. It’s worse than being scratchy!

    • Of all the reviews I’ve read, none has mentioned the shedding, though. Now I’m starting to think it might just be me. Mine might be a dud! :(

    • I usually use a synthetic brush with liquid and cream shadows so I rarely ever have to deal with shedding. A shedding brush is a total nightmare I agree!

  • Shedding is a huge pet peeve of mine so I’ll probably pass. And as much as I loved the application from the beauty blender every time I washed that thing pink dye would bleed out so that’s also a no no for me.

  • OMG! A MAC artist applied a blusher on my cheeks using this and it was one of the nicest feelings ever! It was so soft and picked up little pigment, perfect for very pigmented blushers! <3 But I'm so sad to hear that it sheds bec I already put it on my wishlist. :(

    • No one else has mentioned about the shedding, though. I’m wondering if it’s just my brush? Did you notice any shedding at all when the MAC Artist was using it on you?

  • I wonder if the quality of the fibers for their natural brushes varies due to overhead. Like a shortage on squirrel hair.

  • The MAC is Beauty collection did come here but I never saw any of the brushes – maybe I didn’t really look properly. I wonder if these would still be available? Looks so nice!

  • I like the looks of this, but would probably skip over shedding issues. Besides, while it seems like a neat brush I have a sneaking suspicion that I wouldn’t reach for it often.

    • I actually bought it because I didn’t have anything similar in my brush collection! :D Yeah, I wasn’t real happy with the shedding but so glad it eventually stopped! :)

  • I’m not a big fan of MAC brushes, I’ve always found them a bit rough in store. I do own a 217 which is a good multitasker, but I have other eye brushes I prefer. I’ll will have a look at this in store if I see it though to compare. I much prefer really really soft brushes.
    The Beauty Bloss

    • I don’t know if it’s true but the quality of MAC brushes seem to be less and less satisfactory these days. I haven’t been thoroughly impressed with many of the new ones I bought but the older ones that I bought many years ago such as the 217 I still love and use them almost everyday!

  • Brushes that shed annoy me. I bought a few Koyudo fupas and they shed. I HATE it. I’m using them more regularly now, just to see if the shedding will ever stop. I’m surprised to hear that this brush is really soft. MAC brushes have never been that soft, from experience. I’m curious now :-)

    • This one is really soft, Lily! But the shedding could be a deal-breaker to some! Why can’t they just make a perfect brush for once? LOL

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