Tool Thursday: MAC Half Lash Curler Review

MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler
MAC Half Lash Curler; refill pad
MAC Half Lash Curler; refill pad

Review & Usage

MAC Half Lash Curler is a life saver. Or should I say a lash saver. :D According to MAC, the Half Lash Curler was “designed to lift and curl the shorter, more inaccessible lashes at the inner corner of the eye” but I also think it works with the outer corner lashes, too! In fact, it was this very reason that I bought the curler. I am currently using the Chanel Precision Eyelash Curler. It curls the inner and middle sections of my lashes perfectly but the outer lashes — not so much. I have yet to find that one perfect curler that can grab all my lashes in one go. Until then, I will continue to curl my lashes with the Chanel curler and MAC Half Lash curler. :)

This tool is meant to curl lashes in sections. You may use it alone or in addition to your current curler (faster). Due to its smaller size, it allows you to reach the root of the lashes more effectively than a full-sized curler. The handles are easy to hold and feel comfortable in hand. The silicone pad is soft but firm. The curler also comes with an extra refill pad.

I wish the sidebars of the curler were a bit thinner, though. Being thick, they tend to block the view during curling and there have been times where my lashes ended up being “crimped” instead of “curled” because I couldn't see what I was doing. The sidebar-free would be an improvement in my opinion! :)

The Half Lash Curler is a great tool for those who:

  • have flat eyes where most curlers are too curved to fit the contour of the eyes
  • have deep set eyes where most curlers couldn't reach the eyes without touching the brow bone
  • have small eyes where most curlers are too wide to fit the eye area
  • have hooded lids where regular-sized curlers do not reach the root of the lashes properly

Similar to the MAC Half Lash Curler are the Shu Uemura 6♥Princess Heart and Flower by Murakami S Curler (review) and the Mini Curler (see comparison). The S Curler is sidebar-free. The Mini Curler is half the size of the MAC Half Lash Curler, or about a third of a regular curler, which offers even more curling precision.


US$21 at MAC

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  • Waa, this looks so handy! I am a Chanel curler girl *high fivez*, but I I find that it doesn’t always reach my *outer* lashes as well, of all things! I wish this wasn’t MAC, LOL – it’s probably like $200 here.

    • Try the Shu Uemura one then! It’s about the same price here but may be Shu Uemura is cheaper than MAC in NZ? I like them both equally. :D

  • I haven’t tried this, but I have the Shu Uemura S curler… Still learning how to use it properly, and at the moment, it’s tough to get it right. Not liking it :-(

  • Oh, I haven’t even heard of this before. I was scrolling through my bloglovin feed and I was like ‘What in wonderland is a half-lash curler?’ I will try it If it is sold in my country. I have trouble curling the lashes in the inner part. Thank you Jaa.

  • Hey Jaa, wow you have a lot of lash curlers LOL I basically haven’t looked around much at all since I got the Shu one. I am mildly curious about these half lash curlers, but I know I’ll almost never reach for them because they are more time-consuming to use!

    • LOL I do have quite a few yes! :D Yeah, it’s an extra step but one that I think is worth it, though! My eyes look more awake with the outer lashes curled up and not pointing straight down haha.

  • I only own one lash curler (it is THE lash curler of lash curlers though, the Shu Uemura one) but I’ve never used it on myself lol :-) I got it a couple years ago when I was working as a mua.

  • As funny as it may sound.. I’m a little scared to use eyelash Curler but may I will try the Mac one soon. And the picture quality of your blog is BEST!

    • If your lashes are already thick and curled (which yours are!), I don’t see any point in using a curler! Money saved! ;D

      Thanks so much, Fiona!!! :D

  • This is something i wanted to buy some months ago. Now that i dont need lash curlers anymore, i forget about it. I think if i see it in shops, i’ll be tempted to get it. To hold gently and easily my lashes when i wait the primer to dry and hold curls. :D

    • It would be great for that purpose as well! I’m so jealous that you don’t need to curl your lashes anymore! :)

  • I used to have a teeny tiny Sephora lash curler that was maybe slightly smaller this MAC. It used to yank out precious lashes so I’ve banished it to recycling hell. I like not having the edges block my view, so the Shu S is rather enticing. But then again, my lashes are hopeless. I may give the heated curlers a go and then finally just give up, LOL. Have you tried heated curlers?

    • I can’t say I have tried those! Will you be reviewing one soon? My lashes are hopeless, too, so I’m quite willing to try anything at this point. LOL.

      • Not any time soon… just somewhere down the road eventually, haha. If you use metal curlers, it helps to blow dry for about 10 seconds before curling. That was what made me think I should just use heating curlers. :)

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