Tool Thursday: Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12 Review

Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12
Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12
Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12
Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12
Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12
Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12
Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12
Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12
Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12
Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12


  • Head: 5 cm H x 4.4 cm W x 4.4 cm D (2 in H x 1.75 in W x 1.75 in D)
  • Handle: 15.2 cm L (6 in L)

Review & Usage

Marc Jacobs The Bronze Bronzer Brush No. 12 is probably the largest, fluffiest brush I have in my collection! The head is so huge and full of feathery soft synthetic, antibacterial hair. The black shiny handle has a nice weight to it but is still well-balanced and easy to hold. The dome-shaped is dense and tapered all around so you have the “wide” side to cover larger areas of the face and the “narrow/tapered” tip to cover smaller areas.

When I say feathery soft, I mean it. I could go so far as to comparing it to “cloud” soft but since I've never touched the clouds before, it's better I settle with feathery. ;D It just feels unbelievably amazing on the skin. I could go on and on about how insanely soft it is but I think I've made my point. ;D

The brush was designed to be used with Marc Jacobs' own O!Mega Bronze bronzer (which I have and love) that comes in a really huge pan, so it makes sense why the brush is so big. Due to the size, it is best used to apply powder “all over” the face (as well as body) to give the skin a warm glow overall rather than concentrating on one small area. It is not meant for precision work such as contouring but if you pinch the tip just slightly, it can work, too.

The fluffy and bouncy hair picks up and distributes the powder perfectly. The result is always well blended and simply seamless. Besides bronzer, you can use it to dust your favorite setting/loose powder in sweeping motions, too. You can also use the very tip to apply a highlighter to the apples of the cheeks for a delicate glow. This brush, despite the size, is a lot more versatile than one might think at first glance.

It washes well and hasn't shed a hair since I've had it (more than a year now). It comes with a steep price (and you may be hesitating) but trust me, this brush is worth every penny. There is a reason why it gets 5-star reviews on Sephora website! :)


US$78 at Sephora

฿2,600 at Sephora



  • Hi Jaa,

    ist this one really synthetic, for that price I would expect a real hair brush. Shape looks like a nice multi tasking one though but I don’t use very large brushes, which are hard to control even on me big face lol. Lovely photos as usual :-*

    • Yeah, the bristles are synthetic! I believe all Marc Jacobs brushes are synthetic brushes except the angled blush brush. It is very very big! LOL. Definitely not for precision or contouring. Thanks as always, Sara! :D

  • This sounds great! As for touching clouds, I’ve done this many times! Clouds are very wet until you get up to 15k ft or higher and then they take on a frozen powdery texture depending on the could type.

    I’ve hiked to 10k+ feet and flown up high in my grandfathers planes and he’d always encourage me to stick my hands out the windows when he thought it was safe to do so. Weightless dives while grasping at clouds is how I spent many hours in my childhood. I’ve also taken off, landed, and flown a plane as a young child. All supervised of course :)

    I’ve been higher up in jets and commercial airplanes but obviously you can’t open windows :)

    • Wow, Erin! Your childhood sounds like a lot of fun! I didn’t fly for the first time until I was in my early 20s! ^_^ Did you have to go to school to learn to fly or did your grandfather teach you? Come to think of it, I think I may have felt the clouds when I was up in the moutain in Thailand. I remember feeling very wet but didn’t pay more attention to that. LOL. Was too busy taking photos. ^_^

  • I wonder how this one compares to the Real Techniques blush brush, which is similar in shape but smaller. The MJ one is expensive for a synthetic brush. But I’m pretty convinced by your review that it’s a really good brush :-) I’ve fondled it at Sephora and yes, it’s very soft.

    • I think the brand name plays a major part on the high price. ;D Just like you said, this one is much, much bigger than the RT one. It’s a bit softer, too, in my opinion. :)

  • This brush looks (and sounds) epically fondle-worthy. This is the kind of thing I look for in brushes people. Not actual *utility* per se, just the ability to get the kind of reaction when touching it that makes people edge away from you in public transport. :-P

    • Just imagine the scene. How hilarious that would be! Hahaha You really have a thing for big, fluffy brushes, don’t ya, Syl!! ;D

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