Tool Thursday: Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner Review

Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner
Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner


  • Diameter: 5.5 cm (2.2 in)
  • Thickness: 1 cm (0.4 in)
  • Net weight: 31.2 g (1.1 oz)

Review & Usage

I used to be the person who would collect unwashed brushes in the bin until I don't have anything else to use, then I would wash them all at once. It's a bad habit but I really didn't like washing brushes at all. But it all changed when I discovered the solid brush cleaner! My favorite one has been the Beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid (US$15.95 for 28.3 g / 1 oz; Sephora). It cleans everything so effectively and quickly that washing brushes has become something I look forward to, not a chore anymore.

But what if I tell you I've found something else that works just as great but is cheaper and smells (much) better? Plus, it comes with its own cute little nubby silicone pad? Yes, the Blendercleanser Solid has met its match!

And that product is the Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner! As shown in the photos above, this solid bar of round soap comes in a black plastic container with a screw-on cap. The unit includes a small hot pink textured silicone pad to help you effectively get all the gunk out of your brushes (and trust me, it works better and much faster than cleaning on the palm of your hand!). This product to me combines the cleaning power of a Beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid with the textured silicone glove of a Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove (which I bought when it first came out; don't judge). I honestly didn't really need another solid cleaner but the inclusion of the silicone pad pretty much sealed the deal for me. ;D

Instead of a silicone pad, the Beautyblender Blendercleanser Solid has a custom grid that you can use to deep clean brushes but funnily it isn't recommended for use with the Beautyblender Sponge Applicator since it could damage the material. The silicone pad in the Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner, however, is safe for everything, be it sponge, puff, wedge, or brush.

Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner is formulated with Argan oil and glycerin for added conditioning properties. The delicious scent comes from a warm Moroccan fragrance so not only will your brushes be squeaky clean and all pristine post wash but they will also smell amazing! The formula is compatible with both synthetic and natural bristles and I find that my brushes feel soft and well-conditioned every time after wash. The soap cleans so effectively, even with the brush that is soaked with anything from long-wearing, waterproof foundation to cream eyeshadow, to gel eyeliner, to stained lip brush. It gets anything and everything out and it cuts the washing time in half compared to traditional brush cleaning solution.

To use, simply dampen the soap with water, swirl your brush over the soap and scrub it gently on the silicone pad to lather up and dissolve the makeup. Rinse clean and repeat until the brush bristles are free of makeup/stain. I normally don't have to repeat the process more than 1-2 times even on the dirtiest brush. It takes literally seconds to clean each brush! I'd also recommend you dry your brush in a Brush Guard always to retain its shape.

As for the unit, as soon as you're done with cleaning, remove the soap from the container before air dry (if you wait until it's fully dry, it will stick to the bottom of the container making it impossible to remove). Also air dry the silicone pad before closing the unit for storage.

I am completely satisfied with my purchase and the next time you're looking for a fun, quick, and effective way to clean your makeup brushes, do give the Sephora Dry Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner a try! :)


US$14 at Sephora

At Sephora stores



  • Hey Jaa, thank you so much for the review! I love the Beautyblender one, so it’s great to know this one is better for cheaper! One question: do you think the piece of plastic in the Beautyblender solid cleanser will fit in this tin?

  • I am still guilty of hoarding all my brushes until I absolutely have to clean them. I use plain old Ivory soap and it works but has no conditioning benefits. I will have to try this plus it comes with a scrubber bonus. Good deal!

  • So that’s what that plastic thingie was for! I thought it was to help facilitate the air drying of the soap, haha. It’s great that Sephora has come out with an alternative to the Solid. I wish they sold the little silicone pad separately so you could use it with any bar soap.

    • LOL you’re not alone! That’s what I thought it was for, too, to help air dry! Until I read the instruction. ;D That would be great if they sold it separately but I highly doubt they will! ;)

      • I just went to Sephora and they were surprisingly out of this. I almost bought the LM palette and a new Fresh balm color but restrained myself to skincare.

        I did get one color sample, the new BareMinerals Tinted Gel Cream. The rest was skincare. color no one surprised!

        • Do you mean the Sugar Nude Tinted Lip Treatment from Fresh? I so want to give it a try, too, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t look like I’m wearing anything on my pigmented lips! On you, it might looks fantastic, though!

  • Totally added this to my wishlist! Because like Amanda up there I use the palm of my hand (but with baby shampoo). I mean it works, but it’s such a hassle and I feel like I waste more shampoo than anything.

    • I used to use a mixture of shampoo and olive oil and sometimes with a bit of dish detergent (oops!) and even then it didn’t seem to work as well as this soap! Totally worth the money in my opinion! It will cut the washing time in half, too! :D

  • $14?????? I’M IN!!!!! A friend sent me the Beauty Blender solid and my eyes crossed at how easy it was to get a makeup-soaked WHITE Beauty Blender (note: don’t ever buy a white bb again…DUH!) completely cleaned! Am I the last person on the noodle train here – I’ve never cleaned brushes with it?! Jaa, this post is like a world-rocking revelation! I have a little of the solid BB cleanser left to use up and a bucket of unwashed brushes. I totally sometimes get lazy and just go through every brush I have instead of cleaning them every couple of days! i am the person you used to be, lol!! Once I use this up, I’m DEF buying this one! Thank you! :D

    • Yay! I know you’ll love this one, Kristen! If you love the Beautyblender Solid, I think you’ll love this one even more. Better fragrance and a pink scrubber hello! My mind was blown the first time I used this kind of soap! It’s SO easy to get everything cleaned! I have all these mini Beautyblender Solid samples that I traded a bunch of my points for before I left the US. I think I’m good on solid soap for a while. LOL

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