Tool Thursday: Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush 02 Review

Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush
Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush
Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush
Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush
Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush
Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush
Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush
Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush
Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush
Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush


  • Head: 2.5 cm H x 3 cm W x 2 cm D (1 in H x 1.2 in W x 0.8 in D)
  • Handle: 12.5 cm L (4.9 in L)

Review & Usage

Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush (02) is like a little sister of the Cheek Brush (06). It is made in Japan and features the same off-white natural hairs (presumably goat), polished gold ferrule, and dark mahogany lacquered handle. The handle is quite short but it is well-balanced, comfortable to hold, and easy to maneuver around the face.

Designed for use with the brand's own Traceless Foundation Stick but I found that it works great with liquid and cream formulas as well. The dense bristles feel extra plush, soft, and luxurious against the skin and allow for a flawless, perfectly-blended, and streak-free application every time. Aside from foundation application, you can also use the brush to apply cream blushes, highlighting creams, and contouring creams; thanks to its small but versatile size. It is big enough to cover the entire face easily yet small enough to maneuver into smaller areas such as around the nose, under the eyes, under the cheekbones, and on the apple of the cheeks for precision application.

The application coverage depends on the amount of product applied and how you use the brush. I use the flat sides to spread and layer for more coverage and the rounded top to blend and bluff for a sheerer finish. The white bristles are surprisingly easy to clean and I have never had problems restoring the color to its original pristine color after cleaning. Occasionally I will encounter some shedding during buffing but it's usually just a hair or two. It has retained its shape well over time as I have had this brush for a couple of years now and it still looks brand new and in its original shape. Soft, plush, versatile, with impeccable performance, the Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush is truly a luxury brush that I think is well worth the investment.


US$73 at Nordstrom ○ Sephora ○ Saks

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  • I have this brush too, and I love how easy it is to wash away those foundation! Surprisingly, the white bristles have also remained white throughout the years. Awesome brush, but I have to admit. I usually save it for days I want to pamper myself :-)

    • That’s what I find fascinating! Through use and abuse, it still maintains its pristine white bristles! :D

  • This is really one of the very versatile brushes out there and your photos do it justice!
    I love Tom Ford brushes but don’t reach for them very often because of the color. I feel like when I see it was used, I have to wash it. Darker ones though, I keep using them knowing they are so dirty lol.

  • Hey Jaa, I have this one as well, but I got the Dior Backstage Blender soon afterwards, and I really haven’t given any foundation brushes enough love! I’ve got to take it out and give it a proper go soon :)

  • I ordered the cheek brush last year but I actually barely got any use of it! I really like the Tom Ford brushes but they’re so dense – I think I personally just prefer a more fluffy brush to loosely dust blush over my cheeks instead of buffing them in like I’d have to do with the TF brush. For a foundation brush though, this looks like a winner!

    • I usually reserve the cheek brush for poorly-pigmented blushes… such as the MAC Azalea Blossom. ;) I guess it depends on the type of blush and the color intensity you are going for. :D TGIF, Sheila! Hugs!

  • The brush still looks so amazing, and you said you’ve had it for a few years? Wow. The last “expensive” brush I purchased was the NARS Ita and I got some travel sets around the holidays. I probably won’t be buying any brushes anytime soon but I will keep this one in the back of my mind. Pinned it! :-)

    • Thanks, Kimmy! Yeah, it has maintained its shape really well! Still looking as pristine as when I first took it out of the box! But I always try to take good care of all makeup brushes. :) NARS Ita is the bomb!!! It makes contouring SO easy!

  • Oooh, sounds like a good one. I don’t have TF anything yet and always thought the first purchase would be a lipstick, but maybe it’ll end up being a brush. :)

    • LOL! It’s so so soft, Carla! Tom Ford is dangerous to your wallet, though. Once you start buying something from the brand, you won’t be able to stop! ;)

  • >_> I’ll be over here imagining what it’s like to own beautiful fluffy brushes that I can rub all over my face like a creepy person >_>


    I have SUCH a backlog of posts to read and comments to make, Jaaaaaa! I’m so sorry – the Week Without Internet was no fun! >_< It was a week without Jaa – how could it be fun??

    • Hehe but now you’re back! Comment away! I’m a little behind on returning comments too actually. I have all the internet just not time! :(

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